Round the World Postponed

A few weeks ago we made the decision to postpone our round-the-world trip by twelve months, and a little while later the World Arc 2022 was cancelled.

We made the call because Australia and New Zealand seem to be pursuing a zero-covid policy that might result in closures and lockdowns for many months to come. And much of the Western Pacific is still closed to leisure sailors, and people tell us that is the highlight of the trip.

This summer we will be sailing the Balearic Islands again, this time with friends and family joining us from time to time. Next year (2022) we will sail across the Atlantic with the ARC+ (Gran Canaria – Cape Verde – Grenada) and then see what the rest of the world looks like. We very much hope enough of the world will be open in time for us to leave the Caribbean in January 2023 on the World ARC.