Sailing At Last!

We left Valencia a day late because the car was broken into overnight in Sitges, just south of Barcelona. The police told us that foreign and hire cars are targeted because the thieves know there will be lots of stuff inside. I took the “tech bag” into the hotel, so laptop and iPads were safe, and I’d strapped some bags in the boot together so they couldn’t drag those out of the window. Still, they got away with €300 of food and two travel bags with sailing equipment and clothes inside. That all meant we had to delay our departure from Valencia to get the car into a repair shop.

Enough of that. We slipped from the Real Club Nautico Valencia for the final time at 0500 this morning. It’s 92 nm to Formentera, 13 hours or so, and we wanted to arrive before dark. The plan worked, mainly because there was no wind so we were able to motor at 6-7 kt all the way and we did the leg in 12:45.

We’re now at anchor at the Punta Sabina beach with a lot more boats than were here in February. Still, it’s a beautiful stop. Ibiza tomorrow…



A short 11 nm trip from Formentera to Ibiza. The nav instruments keep failing when the bow thrusters are used. Will try to get them fixed when we get to Palma.

We explored the town a little. Very quiet out of season. Valentines dinner at the marina pizzeria with a posher meal the following evening.



We had a couple of very pleasant nights here at anchor. We replaced the battery on the tender and had a play with it. We also got a technician to come to the boat to try to diagnose the electrical problems. Not fixed, but we have a better understanding now of the systems.

While trying to get the tender working I managed to fall into the water. Not cold at all. How Karen laughed. My new glasses fell off so we found a local driver who came to the boat and recovered them!

First Passage

Today (Tuesday 11 February) we made our first proper passage in Mistral. We left Valencia at 0605 and arrived at Formentera at 1940 – over 13 hours and 93nm.

Leaving Valencia

We spent most of the time on the engine but once the sun was up and we left the fishing boats behind we sailed for a while. When the wind dropped the engine wouldn’t start! After some time troubleshooting and searching for circuit breakers, I switched the engine battery off and on again and it came back to life.