Ibiza and Palma

Wednesday: A short run to Santa Eulalia marina, a few miles north-east of Ibiza town. An excellent marina with lots of facilities, but pricey.

Thursday: A 10 hr/62 nm day today, so we left early at 0600 local. A good SW wind so running downwind all day. We used the preventer on the boom and also experimented with two foresails and no main. It worked, but one of the foresails needs to be poled out to stabilise it.
Jane left her hatch open a crack not realising that the sea wasn’t as calm as the day before – the bed got soaked…

There was a Mayday during the morning. We plotted the position but were too far away to assist.

We welcomed Shirley on board on Friday and said goodbye to Jane on Sunday. We’ll be sorting a problem with the generator (overheating and shutting down) in the morning then it’s off to Cala d’Or on the east coast of Mallorca.

The Lockdown

We had some maintenance carried out in Palma and worked our way back to Valencia in early March. We then left Mistral and drove back to France. The next day, Spain went into lockdown and a fews days later, France followed.

It’s now mid-June and there are signs that the lockdowns will be lifted soon. When we can travel back to the UK without quarantine, we will do so and visit friends and family. Then we’ll be back on Mistral for as long as possible in 2020.

Cala Major, Palma

To Mallorca

A longish day of sailing to Mallorca. Plenty of wind until later in the afternoon. We anchored at Cala Major, the first bay to the west of Palma.



A short 11 nm trip from Formentera to Ibiza. The nav instruments keep failing when the bow thrusters are used. Will try to get them fixed when we get to Palma.

We explored the town a little. Very quiet out of season. Valentines dinner at the marina pizzeria with a posher meal the following evening.