Cala d’Or

From Portals Vells we made a short run around Mallorca to Cala d’Or. A small marina in a small town that is obviously a popular summer resort. On the way in I noted advertised depths of 3.0m throughout, although the depth shallowed to 2.6m at once stage.

Portals Vels to Cala d'Or

The next morning was an early start. All hands on deck at 0530 for lines and departure prep. We slipped on time at 0545 but then, only 5 minutes later, we ran aground in the channel! Our draught is 2.31m and I saw 2.4-2.3 a moment before we stopped. It took us over an hour to get clear – our tender motor kept stopping and a fisherman who came to help got our line tangled in his prop. Eventually a mariniero in his tender managed to pull our stern around and off we floated.
62 nm later we arrived in the harbour of Mahon and spent 20 min searching for the Club Maritimo of Mahon. It looks more like a town quay. We’ll see.