Catching Up

Executive Summary

  • Mistral flooded after entering the Great Barrier Reef in July 2023 – see Karen’s Travels for all the gory details
  • It took three months to repair and refit the boat in Mackay
  • Forced to leave the World ARC 2023-24
  • Flew to Cape Town in November for holiday and to meet the fleet
  • Asked to sail Fat Kat II, a Lagoon 46 catamaran, from Cape Town to the Caribbean – accepted!
  • Home to the UK for Christmas and friends and family catch-up
  • Now back in the World ARC 2023-24 on Fat Kat II, presently in St Helena en route to Brazil

See below for Fat Kat II’s location, or use this link.

We will arrive in the Caribbean in April and will then return to Australia to continue our circumnavigation with the World ARC 2024-25.

Fat Kat II
Fat Kat II

Mackay – Damage & Repair

South Africa Safari and Cape Town


Back at Sea